Application for Permit Holders

Please fill out the application below if you currently hold a federal permit and would like to list it on the New England Fisheries Access Network. Please contact Patrick Shepard at (207) 367-2708 if you have any questions or would like additional information.

    • PART I: General Information

    • We take your security seriously. To view security certificate, click the lock icon on your navigation bar.
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  • PART II: Vessel Specifications

  • In order to sell a permit without selling the boat, it must be transferred to a skiff (for example), sold as a package, transferred from the skiff to the buyers vessel, and the skiff can be “sold” back to the initial permit holder.
  • PART III: Permit Specifications

  • Please Note: Under federal regulations, federal permits that are bundled cannot be un-bundled and sold separately. The seller of the permit must sell all associated permits as a package, or make a trade agreement with the buyer.
  • PART IV: Miscellaneous

  • Please read carefully before submitting:
  • By providing my permit number and vessel name, and clicking “Submit”…
  • • I authorize that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. I Understand that Penobscot East cannot guarantee the sale of my listing(s). By signing, I give Penobscot East permission to release my name, phone number, and any other information from this application to anyone interested in discussing a possible permit transfer.
  • • I hereby release the Permit Network and Penobscot East Resource Center from responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury that may occur as a result of inquiries or interviews related to this program.
  • • Penobscot East Resource Center will validate the accuracy of all information reported in this application associated with the permit you are listing. Penobscot East may use this information to establish its own valuation of the permit.
  • • I hereby authorize Penobscot East Resource Center staff to view all catch and landings history, as reported through both dealer and vessel trip reporting, for all species associated with this permit.